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( Updated 15 October 2007)

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Articles by the members of the Meridian Embroidery Guild

Almoner's Pouch A Work in Progress. Author: Baroness Ximena Yannez de Talavera

As the pouch is still a work in progress, Baroness Ximena has not yet written her final documentation. She has shared a copy of her working documentation with us.

Coptic Embroidery. Author: Sorcha Valdimarsdottir

This is the documentation that Sorcha used when entering her piece in MagnaFaire and Kingdom A&S. The article also includes an annotated bibliography.

Coptic Embroidery Bibliography. Author: Scorcha Valdimarsdottir

An anotated bibliography.

Elizabethan Sweet Bag A Work in Progress. Author: Lady Auriana Ravenstein

As this piece is still a work in progress at the time Lady Auriana gave us her contribution, she has not yet finalized her documentation. However, she was kind enough to write a short description of her project.

Embroidery for Clothing: Things to Consider in Planning Projects. Author: The Honorable Lady Samrah of Caid

While Samrah is not a member of the Meridian Embroidery Guild, she provided a nice explanation of planning a project involving embroidery on clothing. The Honorable Lady Samrah graciously allowed us to re-publish her explanation on our website.

Indian Quilted Pillow from the 16th Century. Author: Sayyida Dinah bint Ismail

This is the documentation that Dinah used when entering her piece in Midwinter A&S and Kingdom A&S.

Instructions for Making Velvet Owl Pouches. Original Author: Unknown.

This was published in the Winter 1997 Edition of Needlewerks, a former guild publication. The version shown here is slightly modified by Maestra Clare de Estepa.

Most Recommended Embroidery Books and Other Sources. Author: Sorcha Valdimarsdottir

Sorsha wrote this article while pursuing her library science degree. She cross-referenced three different annotated bibliographies to create this article. Her entire project is shown here because it shows some valuable steps in evaluating the usefulness and accuracy of a particular source.

Opus Anglicanum - An English Art. Author: Lady Genevieve d'Valois.

Discusses the Opus Anglicanum style and its history.

Pattern Creation and Pattern Transfer in Counted Embroidery. Author: Maestra Clare de Estepa

Discusses techniques for developing original patterns and transferring them safely and reliably to the fabric.

Review of Embroidery Sources. Author: Lady Genevieve d'Valois
An anotated bibliography discussing various books, articles, and other information useful to the embroiderer.

The Scythians: Their Art and Needlework by Lady Genevieve D’ Valois

Discuss who the Scythians, their art, and their needlework.

Reserva Work Voided Embroidery from Spain. Author: Maestra Clare de Estepa

This is the documentation that Clare used when entering her piece in MagnaFaire.

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