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Description of the Beadwork Category

Beads are like gemstones, they enhance our physical and spiritual beauty. There are several techniques and styles of bead embroidery: stringing, loom, brick stitch, peyote and bead on fabric.

Bead on fabric is the most popular style that is used in the SCA. Beads go back 40,000 to 38,000 B.C. and range from shell, bone, teeth,  wood, metal, glass, precious and semiprecious stones as well as pearls. During the medieval period you will find many references to very small seed pearls that were favored throughout Europe.

There are many web sites and books for you to see, I have listed a few of my favorite here for you. Once you visit these sites and read these books, I know you will have a different view of bead work and bead art. (Submitted 10/27/200 by Auriana Ravenstein)

Bead Books

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Bead Webpages

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