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Updated 15 October 2007

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Links will take you to a larger image which may also have commentary from the embroiderer.

Indian Quilted Pillow, 16th century

Sayidda Dinah bint Ismail

Heraldic Metal Thread Embroidery

Lady Maudelyn Godeliva Taillour

Decorative Metal Thread Embroidery

Baronness Ximena Yannez de Talavera

Coptic Medallion Embroidery

Sorcha Valdimarsdottir

Tribble Tapestry: An Original Design

Kathryn Tribble

Elizabethan Sweet Bag: A Work in Progress

Lady Auriana Ravenstein

Reserva Work: Voided Embroidery from Spain

Maestra Clare de Estepa

Almoner's Pouch: A Work in Progress

Baronness Ximena Yannez de Talavera

Does anyone have any pictures or documentation that they would like to share?