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Embroidery styles practiced in other areas of the world besides Europe. While this is overly broad, these styles are clumped together while the information is developing. Suggestions appreciated. (Default Description)

Articles by MEG Members

MEG: Indian Quilted Pillow from the 16th Century by Sayidda Dinah bint Ismail.

Non-European Books

The Techniques of Indian Embroidery by Anne Morrell.

"Wonderful, wonderful book with lots of color pictures!" - Madhavi

"Textiles and Ornaments of India" by Papul Jayakar and John Irwin

One of Dinah bint Ismail's favorite books.

"Traditional Indian Textiles" by John Gillow.

One of Dinah bint Ismail's favorite books.

Embroideries and Samplers from Islamic Egypt by Marianne Ellis, published by the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford.

Madhavi says that this is a really good book on period embroidery in Mamluk Egypt.

She also says, "According to my friend Zebeebah al-Kharqaa, the 4 best Ottoman embroidery books are Ottoman Embroidery by Marianne Ellis, Ottoman Embroidery by Roderick Taylor, Suleyman the Magnificent by J.M. Rogers, and The Topkapi Saray Museum: Costumes, Embroideries and Other Textiles by J. Michael Rogers (Editor), Hhulya Tezcan. The Roderick Taylor book is the best for period examples.

Portugal and the East Through Embroidery, 16th to 18th Century Coverlets from the Museu Nacional de Arte Antuga, Lisbon, 1981, ISBN 0883970384

Treasures From The Embroiderers' Guild Collections, 1991, ISBN 0715303724

Textiles and Ornaments of India, edited by Monroe Wheeler, 1956, LCC# 56-8578

Non-European Books Webpages

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